Course Conditions

Dear Members,

I hope that you are enjoying your winter and we look forward to
seeing you playing some golf real soon. We started the winter really warm and dry, which allowed for some good golf into the middle of December! This forced us to recharge our irrigation system after blowout this year in order to get as much water into the soil before the ground froze. We added a wetting agent in order to maximize this irrigation, helping the water to penetrate into the soil. In addition, the wetting agent helped the soil to hold onto the moisture better for the duration of winter. We have benefited from some snow which came late into our winter season. We are up to 20” of snow as of February 23rd this winter and it seems we may have an average late Winter and early Spring in terms of temperatures and snowfall. This will definitely be beneficial to the turf and trees if it continues to snow!

Ever wonder what our Team does in the winter months? We perform a wide range of tasks that complete the previous season and get us ready for the upcoming season.  These tasks include winter watering if needed, refinishing tee plaques and markers, leaf cleanup,landscape bed maintenance, native mowing, tree and shrub pruning, and facility maintenance. These are just to name a few.

Due to the some of the warmer days we experienced this winter, we were able to level some of our low drainage basins. This will improve overall aesthetics and playability in the short cut areas of the approaches and fairways.

We completed pruning of our large trees throughout the golf course in mid February. We contract with Mountain High Tree to help us with this, as they have the equipment and expertise needed for this kind of work. One of the areas we focused on was widening the “shoot” on 16 tees to see more of the hole on the left and right sides.

Just a reminder that Spring aerification will be April 9th-11th . We will be aerating greens and tees as usual and deep-tining approaches and fairways. This will be followed by topdressing sand as we have done in the past.

We look forward to another great year here at Cherry Creek Country Club!

See you on the course!

Matthew Lombardi
Director of Grounds & Facilities