Course Conditions

Dear Members,

The Golf Course and grounds team enjoyed an average winter that brought near average snowfall and temperatures. We were able to complete several items and are still working on some throughout the spring. These items include an additional foot bridge for access to 2 green, analyzing light meter readings we took in the fall and tree pruning, to name a few.

The new foot bridge behind 2 green allows us to change the wear pattern on the green by directing traffic to spread through the rear approach. We can then determine what impact less traffic has on the weak areas of the green. In addition to reducing traffic, we also pruned the trees causing shade on the right side of the green. In order to quantify the amount of light before and after the pruning, you may remember we put out light sensors in the fall to establish the amount of light in the fall. We will continue with these tests in the spring and summer seasons to get a more accurate picture of the light exposure the greens receive. We will keep you posted as to the results.

We completed pruning of our large trees throughout the golf course this past winter. We contract with SavATree (formerly Mountain High Tree) to help us with this, as they have the equipment and expertise needed for this kind of work. In addition, we are working on creating a master plan for our tree program that describes the type of trees to be planted and the specific locations of each. Throughout the last few years, we have planted many different varieties of trees to determine and evaluate which do well around the property. Diversifying our course landscape over time will make us less susceptible to significant loss from insects or disease. A great example of this is the Emerald Ash Borer insect which has wiped out ash tree populations in many parts of the country. It has finally made it to Colorado and has been found in Boulder and Longmont. We do have a plan in place for when it gets closer to help protect the many ash trees we have throughout the Golf Course.    

During spring aeration, we aerated greens and tees, which will be followed by deep-tining of approaches and fairways. This will be followed by topdressing sand as we have done in the past.

We look forward to a great year here at Cherry Creek Country Club! See you on the course!

Matthew Lombardi
Director of Grounds & Facilities