Junior Athletic Banquet

Junior Athletic Banquet

Sunday, August 13, 2017 | 6:00pm-8:00pm | $20/Child, $25/Adult, RSVP Required

We are excited to host our Junior Athletic Banquet!  The Athletic Banquet is open to all kids who have participated in any of our junior summer programs; Kid’s Camp, Junior Golf Programs, Junior Tennis Program, the Parent/Child Golf Tournament and the Junior Club Championship.  

Enjoy food, a slideshow and an award ceremony.  This year, the following exclusive, trophy awards will be presented by Golf, Tennis and Kid’s Camp Instructors. Professional photographer will be present.

Golf: Most Dedicated, Best Attitude, Best Teammate, Most Improved

Tennis: Best Forehand, Best Backhand, Best Volley, Best Serve

Kid’s Camp: Most Athletic, Most Improved, Hard Worker, Good Friend

All kids attending will receive a medal of participation.  This will be a great evening to recognize all of the junior athletes here at Cherry Creek Country Club!

The Junior Athletic Banquet is a fun way to end the kid’s summer programs season and thank all of our Junior Creekers for participating this year.